Adrian Covrig


Going beyond Adler "All behaviors all goal directed…", Alfred Adler "…and have a positive goal.", James Holder "Go beyond Adler!" said to us Jon Carlson when he came to Romania this year, at the invitation of the Institute of Adlerian Psychology and Psychotherapy. The last year's guest of the Institute was James Holder, for a 2 days workshop about addiction therapy. That's how I met him. But the real encounter with him was when I translated in Romanian his book, Perceptual Adjustment Therapy.

Working on this project was for me a challenging task (I had to read a NLP book to become familiar with NLP terminology), but extremely rewarding. Page by page, I've discovered a truly reference book for every professional dealing with addictions. Not only because he effectively integrates theories and techniques from Adlerian Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and NPL. This book is also a genuine document from the first line in the battle against addictions in which Jim Holder deploys an impressive arsenal of strategies. He has both a deep understanding of the mechanisms of addiction, and the ability to transmit this knowledge to the reader in a fluent, literary style.

The delicate subject of spirituality is tastefully presented in a metaphorical way, without any mysticism. By developing Perceptual Adjustment Therapy, James Holder has successfully gone beyond Adler.

- Adrian Covrig Institute of Adlerian Psychology and Psychotherapy Bucharest, Romania