Claire Traynham LISW


Jim Holder has been one of the greatest influences in my professional life. I have had the honor and privilege of knowing and working with Jim for over thirty years. In my early years of counseling, Jim helped shape the way I worked with clients through out my career by challenging my beliefs, teaching me new skills and most importantly teaching me how to take care of myself so I could be a better therapist.
Naming his website Positive Intentions is so fitting because I can hear Jim asking, "What is your positive intent" and not letting you off the hook until you come up the the answer. He has a knack for helping people get to the heart of the issue and find solutions. His use of early memories is so effective in helping you better understand yourself and grow from the experience. His style challenges you but is non threatening so you can feel comfortable with him.
Jim is hardworking and trustworthy. He has the highest integrity and ethically you will not find a better therapist or person. I am blessed to know Jim and to call him my friend. I would highly recommend attending one of his seminars and if you ever need a therapist, Jim would be my first recommendation.

- Claire W Traynham, LISW-CP, MAC