I have known Jim Holder for over 20 years. I regard him as a mentor, colleague and good friend. It was Jim that taught me how to make sense of a client’s early recollections and how to use them to guide clinical decisions. My work with him in a live demonstration many years ago changed, in positive ways, the course of my life path. Jim is relaxed, good-natured, good humored and easy to form a bond with. I enthusiastically refer friends who want to better know themselves to Jim because I know he will guide them to a better

self-understanding. Because of my respect for Jim and his work I encouraged his involvement with the annual Rudolf Dreikurs Summer School.

He has been a popular, effective trainer and is making important contributions as a Board Member of that institute. As a teacher, a colleague and good friend, Jim is indeed first rate.

- Paul R. Rasmussen, Ph.D. Diplomate in Adlerian Psychology, VAMC Staff Psychologist , Columbia, SC, USA​